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TDF-PF High-pressure non-volute windbox (rearward)
Structural features: single inlet after the impeller, a color plate and double-layer sound-absorbing board two structures; sub-motor built-in and motor two external structure.
Machine range: NO.250-1000#Total 13 machine number.
Air volume range: 500-55262 m3/h
Full pressure range: 125-4036 pa
Suitable for use: mainly used in factories, power plants, buildings, laboratories, general ventilation and kitchen smoke, and fire smoke.
Use of the environment: the transmission of air without corrosion, no spontaneous combustion, non-sticky material, the medium temperature is generally not more than 80 ℃. For fire and smoke to ensure that the ambient temperature reached 280 ℃ in the case of continuous operation of not less than 30 minutes; media contained in the particles is not greater than 150mg/m3. (Can be customized custom explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, high temperature structure)
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