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Four major factors affecting the price of ventilation system

The fresh air system is now the most effective measures for the management of indoor air, it can not only eliminate indoor air pollution, the outdoor fresh air, can also filter the outdoor air, indoor air quality improvement.
Due to the brand, type, house area, device technology and other factors, now on the market system of ventilation equipment money can bump vary, vary greatly, let many people become irresolute and hesitant in the purchase process.
The price of new air system is influenced by the brand of goods
Now, there are many brands of fresh air system on the market, from Japan, France, the United States and many domestic brands are not the same, fresh air system, air volume, power consumption, noise, etc., using his life are not the same, which also resulted in the price is not the same as the fresh air system.
The domestic market, fresh air system as commodity industry ransjo leading brands, the commodity is the national standard fresh goods, low noise, low energy consumption, large volume and white iron duct planning delicate and thin, with its unique advantage ahead of other brands, thus offer fresh air system of the brand is relatively high, but it is "a price of a cargo", the quality of the goods is better than air ransjo brands.
The price of new air system is affected by the type of goods
The fresh air system of smoke exhaust pipe is divided into three categories: unidirectional flow, two-way flow and full heat exchange fresh air system. A one-way flow of fresh air system and air system usually offer more two-way flow of civilians, all fresh air heat exchange system due to a higher technological content, quality of fresh air ventilation pipe is a very good, price is higher, the wind of the processing generally this type of fresh air system offer is without heat recovery fresh air system offer two times.
New air system quoted by the size of the house area
The fresh air system and the house price, house area volume and the number of resident population also has a great relationship, according to China's 2003 implementation of the "indoor air quality standards", the indoor air fresh air volume in residence and office should reach 30 cubic meters per hour. Generally speaking, Yishiyiting house may need a device, and the two bedroom, the house Sanshiliangting may need to device two units, more units need to offer all the fresh air device, natural system more expensive. In addition, the size of the size of the house will affect the selection of new air system types, different types, new air machine offers are also different.
Fresh air system quotation affected by device technology
"Three points of quality, seven points device", the new wind system of the perfect appearance, not only the need for high-performance products, but also requires a late scientific and rational planning device. In the process of fresh air system, most of the equipment needs to be distributed, planning, wind blowing and air returning, wall drilling and pipe connection.
Some small device company, low price as bait, device device technology does not pass, shoddy work, although in the beginning when the device owners spend less money, but later used in fault repeatedly attack, not only to spend more time with it. The one-stop service system, a full range of ransjo air supply from the planning, sale, customer service equipment and professional staff, will provide you with personalized service. To give you the most perfect service experience, to create the most comfortable living environment.
Fresh air system offer by the commodity brand, type, residence area and other factors affecting induction device technology, therefore, the user before understanding the fresh air system offer, should first need to understand self home area and the use of fresh air, if the request for high quality of fresh air can choose fresh air total heat exchange system, if requested usually use usually simple fresh air system.
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