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Ventilation equipment selection, cohabitation, not to be fooled

Although the elimination of indoor harmful gas pollution and the problems in the ventilation system can really, there is not a powerful data can be proved, but we have to admit the advantages of ventilation system. For example, the new system in many countries in Europe has become a standard, as long as the house must have fresh air system, otherwise it will not be allowed to sell, but as long as the installation of outdoor air system can be a part of the tax. Thus, the existence of new wind system, it really gives us a higher standard of life, the new wind system has given us a lot of warning, the new wind system allows us to face up to the "new indoor air" demand. It is precisely because there is no absolute standard, so the market "new wind system" a wide variety of brand quality is uneven. So, when buying, be sure to act carefully.

Selection of fresh air system A fresh air ventilator as a small breathing apparatus for changing the air in a room. We choose the size of the room to determine the fresh air ventilator air volume, static pressure loss, export total pressure, input power, exchange efficiency, noise and so on.
To meet the requirements of the relevant regulations, the heat exchange efficiency value corresponding to the air volume also needs to meet the corresponding standards.
Under normal circumstances, when the fresh air temperature is about -10 DEG C, frosting may occur on the exhaust side, and precautions must be taken in advance.
Installation of fresh air ventilators
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Kitchen smoke exhaust, ventilation pipe, for the new air ventilator accessories, varieties and quantity to be confirmed. Such as wind pipes, elbows, interfaces, seals and plugs and so on.
A switch or switch with a ground connection shall be provided near the new ventilator. The setting of the switch takes into account the convenience of location and the switching mode of the switch.
In order to increase the indoor aesthetic feeling, the shape, material and color of the new air ventilator should be adapted to interior decoration.
Reasonable room fire, smoke exhaust ventilation mainly for two key links: on-demand allocation and orderly flow.
The exhaust pipe distribution according to need is the fresh air to the human body needs the most position, such as bed, living room, dining room, near the sofa above the desk, the room area is master regular activities, and most in need of fresh air, the air inlet should as far as possible in these areas. At the same time, the air outlet should be arranged in the dirty air accumulation and haunting the room corner, in order to eliminate the harm.
The orderly flow is required to enter the room fresh air should have a reasonable (human need), smooth (no less block or block), flow clear and orderly direction, so as to do a thorough good ventilation, but also reduce the work load of fresh air host, energy saving and emission reduction.
Note: the entire process, consumers need to face to face personally involved in the design, and designers work together to choose the air outlet and the air outlet position of the fresh air system of their own, because only you can truly understand the activity rules themselves and their families, so that the indoor air fresh degree to achieve the ideal effect.
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